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Abundancia Newsletter

No. 10
July 1, 2024

Summer at the Market

Hillsboro’s Tuesday night market is rad. Music, splash pad, sizzling grills, fresh berries, ice cream, stroopwafels(!), and, of course, your favorite little family-run vineyard and winery, Abundancia. We’ve had so much fun at our spot on 3rd street, right next to a fabulous Mexican stand with *insanely* delicious huaraches. We’ve discovered our wines pair super well with our neighbor’s fares. Our big market special is a drink called Tinto De Verano (red of the summer), a favorite in Spain. After a series of trials with some friends a few weeks ago, we locked in our recipe: 2021 Tempranillo, club soda, lemon simple syrup, and a dash of orange bitters, served over ice. We think it is yummy and refreshing. Come by and grab some on Tuesdays in downtown Hillsboro (3rd street)!

A Change in the Vines

After a trial run with the Tempranillo vines last year, owner (and vineyard manager, and winemaker, and cooper, and…) Shawn decided to transition our whole vineyard from cane pruning to spur pruning. We switched partly for ease of pruning (more cuts, but less puzzling) and less time tying and re-tying new canes to the fruiting wire each year. While both of these systems make use of vertical shoots, there are some key differences between them, each with positives and negatives attached. 

Spur Pruning.jpg

Image by Wine Folly

Evenly timed budbreak is an advantage with spur pruning, however, with that comes a slightly higher risk of damage if a late frost comes.  The new T-shaped trunk could provide easier/closer access to stored nutrients, however, the many heads on cordon come with a higher number of shoots, slightly increasing post-budbreak labor. Like I said, pluses and minuses! Overall, we think the benefits greatly outweigh the risks/negatives, particularly since we do all of our pruning ourselves. We’re excited about the shift!

Albariño and Garnacha

You might remember that last fall we planted two new varietals, Albariño and Garnacha! So far, the vines seem to be thriving in their new home, with only a few needing to be replaced after the long winter. We are fully committed to dry-farming (no irrigation) but for these new, little vines we will be hand watering here and there this summer just to make sure they survive the heat. We’re expecting our first (small) Albariño and Garnacha harvest will be in the fall of 2026, and we can’t wait to explore their unique qualities as blends and varietal releases.


One of our new Albariño vines, loving the sunshine

Summer Wine Release and Tacos

We have one public event per year at the vineyard, our Annual Wine Release Party, and it is coming up soon! July 13, from 11 to 5. We have a series of new wines to showcase, all of which I am excited about. I think our 2022 Pinot might be our best yet…but I’ll let you decide :) Our event will have a taco truck on site (Tacontento!) lawn games, sunshine, and a beautiful view of the valley and the coast range.  Don’t miss it. More details and RSVP can be found here.

One of our new releases - a chillable red blend called cielo

The view from the vineyard.

It never gets old. 

*More* New Retail Locations

Since our last newsletter in May, Anthony has been hard at work meeting some fantastic wine industry folks in our area. Many have decided to start carrying one or more of our wines! Check them out and support two, small, local businesses with one purchase!


Collective Market  -   Corazon*  -  Division Wines   -  Helvetia Farm Market  -  John’s Marketplace: Multnomah *   -  John’s Marketplace: Powell*  -  Liner and Elsen *   -  Market of Choice: Belmont*  -  Mayfly*   -  Park & Main*  -  Smith Berry Barn  -  Sundance  -  The wine shop & tasting room  -  Westside Wines* (Opening soon)  -  The Good Drop Wine Shoppe*  -   P’s and Q’s Market *  -   Ora et Labora*

*new since May












That's all for now! Thanks for following along and supporting our family business. Until next time and beyond, may you experience “the dew of heaven, the richness of the earth, and an abundance of new wine.”

- Peter

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